How Often Should You Clean Your Drains?

Among the many things in your home, a part that requires regular attention are the drain lines. Nothing is more awful than a sink, tub, shower, or toilet filled with nasty water. Poor drain line maintenance or cleaning can result in a foul smell and unhygienic conditions that can affect you adversely. If you are dealing with a similar situation, contact us for professional drain cleaning services in Mesquite, TX and the surrounding areas.

Keep reading to understand when to clean your drains and the signs of a clogged drain line.

Frequency of cleaning the drain lines

There is no fixed answer to when to call our skilled cleaner for assistance. At any point, your drain lines can get clogged, creating foul smells in your home.

The ideal frequency of contacting our professional for cleaning services is at least once a year. However, if you notice clogging signs in the drain, you should get in contact with us sooner than later..

Signs of a clogged drain line

As the owner, you should know the signs that show a clogged drain line. Once you know these signs, you can identify them and contact us for drain cleaning services in Mesquite, TX:

  • Slow Sink Drains

If the water in your sink does not flush as quickly as usual, it can indicate a blockage in the drain line. The water from the sink flushes down in the drain line, and if the flow is slower than usual, there can be an obstruction in the lines. Our professional cleaner can determine whether all sinks have blockages or only one or two.

  • Sewage Smells

If your home has a foul sewage smell lingering all around it, you should not delay contacting our professional to clean your drains. However, ensure this smell is not due to unwanted objects in your HVAC appliances, as they can also create a foul smell in your home.

  • Organic Decomposition

Other than bacterial growth, organic material like hair and food objects can enter the sink and reach the drain lines, clogging them. You should use proper filters for your sinks all around your home to ensure no unwanted objects enter them and clog the drain lines.

  • Pests

Like hair and food, pests and insects can clog drain lines. You should contact a professional cleaner to clean the drain lines and dispose of the insects properly.

  • Overflowing Toilets

If the water in your toilets does not flush or comes back up, it is a clear sign of clogging’s in the drain line. Contact our cleaner to fix this problem before it get worse.

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