7 Amazing Tips For Sewer And Drainage Line Cleaning

An intricate connection of pipes in your house helps maintain the water flow in your home. Things might become out of hand if there is a problem with the pipes that handle the direction and flow of water.

The pipes that run in your house are called lateral pipes that join the sewer line. You will know there is an issue with the plumbing system if foul smells, strange noise, or slow drainage problems emerge unexpectedly. If you require professional assistance with your pipes, call the experts at Leak Stop Plumbing for sewer cleaning service in Mesquite before the situation gets worse.

Seven Sewer and Drainage Cleaning Tips to Avoid Messy Problems!

Here are seven tips shared by our professional plumbers to avoid sewer drainage problems:

  1. Clean the Pipes Every One or Three Months

    The best way to avoid blockage and many other problems that come with clogged pipes is by cleaning them frequently with the help of enzyme cleaners. These cleaners work using a biological reaction, so you might have to wait 8-24 hours to clean a large drain.

    You can easily get high-quality enzyme cleaners at any plumbing outlet or sewer drain cleaning service provider in Mesquite.

  2. Get Snake Equipment

    Having snake equipment in your home is essential to remove the blockage from the drainage pipe. It helps fix minor blockages in the pipe; however, you might have to be careful while using it, so as not to damage the pipes.

  3. Baking Soda and Vinegar

    Whenever there is a clog, baking soda or vinegar always has your back to fix it. If you find there is slow drainage or mold in the pipe, pour down a spoonful of baking soda and a cup of vinegar. The bubbles formed in the reaction will clean all the grease. After waiting 5-8 minutes, pour down a pan of boiling water, and all the issues will be resolved.

  4. Use Water to Keep the Drainage Pipes Clean

    You can keep the pipes clean by flushing them with water. Whether it is a toilet or kitchen sink, it is always best to flush them with water to keep them clean. However, it might not be a good idea if there is a clog in the pipe, as it will cause an overflowing issue.

  5. Drain Cleaners Might Help

    It is best to put a little drain cleaner while flushing the pipes with water every month to avoid blockage and keep the foul smell away. Use a mild drain cleaner and steer away from abrasive cleaners.

  6. Schedule a Service with Professional Experts

    If there is a blockage that DIY methods cannot resolve, it is best to call us for professional sewer cleaning services in Mesquite to save you time. There are special and high-tech types of equipment owned by our professionals, that makes it easy to find the fault and resolve the issue.

  7. Avoid Putting Down Things that Might Obstruct the Flow

    Avoid putting things down the drain that might obstruct the flow. This includes oil, grease, fat, hair, coffee grounds, paper, egg shells, pasta, and potato peels.


If you are facing any problems with slow drainage or foul smells in your home, call the sewer drain cleaning in Mesquite to help you! Leak Stop Plumbing experts are here to offer high-quality services at affordable rates. Call 214-643-2938 and explain your problem to us and schedule an appointment with our experts.